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Deep Tissue Massage in St. Albert

Massage Therapist St. Albert

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

First of all Deep Tissue Massage is not meant to be painful and can be very nurturing.  Some people believe in the fallacy of "no pain, no gain."  Deep tissue is working deep with the tissue, not on the tissue.  Deep tissue techniques are intended to be used when the need arises throughout a massage.  A simple definition might be:  the understanding of the layers of the body, and the ability to work with tissue in these layers to relax, lengthen, and release holding pattern.  There is no great distinction between a regular massage and deep tissue work, although in deep tissue work there is less emphasis on relaxation as the primary goal is on altering structure and muscle restrictions.  This is not to say that the feeling is not pleasurable, but since the work is being done at a deeper level and targeting deeper tissue, to bring about a therapeutic result, there will be a noticeable different feeling to your body after the massage, and in time your body will become accustomed to the deeper work.


Deep Tissue Massage - Correct Posture... Release Chronic Muscle Tensions...


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