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Myofascial release in St Albert & Edmonton

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Myofascial release MFR focuses on releasing shortness and tightness in the muscular system.  Not every -  body requires the need for Myofascial release through the modality of massage.. I can usually feel, through touch, to the upper thoracic area of a person if myofascial release would benefit them ..  I was certified in Myofasial Release in 2007.

Fascia is the framework for all connective tissue.  It is an uninterrupted 3 dimensional web of tissue, that extends from head to foot as well as front to back and external to internal.  This connective tissue network connects into every major system of the human body and its purpose is to relay sensory information and instruction throughout the multiple layers of tissue matrices, connecting internal and outer circuitry.   If you were to take all tissue away from the body, other than the fascia, you would still have a 3D outline of what your body looks like.  There are 3 layers of fascia within the human system, superficial, deep and visceral (the visceral fascia holds the internal organs in place).  Superficial fascia is actually the lower layer of the skin and is responsible for creating the shape of the body, and serves to connect the skin to the underlying fascia of the bones and muscles, hence, myofascial (muscle fascia).

Time, injury, wear and tear, poor posture, stress and other factors can cause this connective tissue to manifest tension, restrictions and imbalance within our bodies. Myofascial Release is a very effective hands-on technique that works to 'release' and re-balance our muscle and soft tissue system.

What conditions might warrant Myofascial Release Therapy?

General discomfort, chronic lower back pain, sporting injuries, headache, whiplash injury, general injury, muscle spasms, restriction of motion, and anywhere there is muscular hypertonicity (overtoned muscle either in the shortened or lengthening stage).   Myofascial restrictions can be manipulated to restore range of motion and alleviate pain.

Myofascial Release is not painful, but achieved at a very slow, intentional pace.  Slow sustained pressure is applied to loosen and lengthen the constricting deeper fascia covering the muscles.  This holding pace helps to break down adhesions between the tissues.  It may take several minutes for each specific area to be worked on for the tissues to be softened and re-aligned.


Myofascial Release -
Stretch... Hold... Release... Restore Range of Motion



Phone or Text Message Cathy @  780 909 0853