Connecting to Wholeness

Connecting to Wholeness

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As we go forth during these uncertain times, I feel it is best to follow protocol of self isolation as well as keeping a distance.  This has been proven to contain the virus somewhat more than not.  As everyone is aware, Massage is a very hands on therapy and that is what makes it unique from most other modalities pertaining to the betterment of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.  Rather than take a chance of harming either myself or anyone, I choose to close up shop for the time being.  Let us all put positive energy out there to help with the containment of this virus and hope that this will pass soon.  Bless everyone and be wise and stay safe, and we will see you when this is all said and done and your body and mind is in need of a massage.

Connecting to Wholeness is a professional Massage studio, located in St. Albert, Alberta serving the Edmonton and St. Albert areas.  To book a Massage  Text or phone Cathy @ 780 909 0853.

 I offer Therapeutic or Relaxation massage in a clean and peaceful space in my St. Albert residence.  At Connecting to Wholeness you are never rushed as every treatment is scheduled 45 minutes apart, leaving you ample time to gather your thoughts after the massage, and discuss anything that you may feel is pertinent for me to note for your on going treatment.

 It is my aim, to help you to connect with your bodies inner wisdom, through the wonderful healing modality of massage, and bring it into wholeness with the essence of who you are as a person.



Massage is a wonderful therapy to add to your wellness program to help with alleviating soft tissue aches and  pains, as well, it is an amazing option for overall well being of the body and mind.

I look forward to meeting you!  Have a wonderful day!


Call or text Cathy at: (780) 909 - 0853