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Myofascial Cupping St. Albert/Edmonton


Myofascial cupping is a treatment used to increase the blood flow from the superficial fascia layers to the deeper fascia layers encasing the muscles in turn helping to release muscular pain and lack of movement.

During the treatment cups are applied to an area of the skin which create a vacuum with a hand operated pump. Cups may be left for a few minutes, if that particular area of the superficial (upper) layer of fascia seems to have less movement,  or moved along the skin to pull the superficial layer from the deeper layer of fascia.  In some cases, especially if the cups are left sitting in a certain spot for a while, it may leave behind a light discoloration.   The marks are circular and range from a light yellow, pink to dark purple. The treatment is pain free, with a unique feeling, that is considered negative pressure, in that it is pulling the skin away from the the soft tissues, as apposed to pressing the tissue in a regular massage. 


Stressed? Injured? Or simply feel tight?  Myofascial cupping is an amazing technique, to go along with your Myofascial Release massage.

5 top benefits include:

Increased circulation
Increased joint range of motion
Reduced muscle tension
Increase lymphatic drainage (detoxification)
Increase connective tissue mobility


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